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Writing isn’t a common act. At Pilot, we believe that the pen and its ink are extensions of our flesh and blood. Rather than tools, writing instruments are soulful objects directly plugged to the characters and imaginations of their owners, extending them in the most distinctive way. Which is why #Happywriting is the joy of writing, drawing, doodling and sketching: it is turning handwriting into an endless source of happiness.

A Creation

#Happywriting is inspired by an artistic movement of "visual statements" where the typographical composition is used as an image. The words take the shape, the energy or the feel of what they mean. The statement says something about life itself, or something we think life should be about. More than words, these statements are graphic compositions, they reveal the magic inside each and every pen while concretising the evocative strenght of words.

A digitised world

In our increasingly digitised world, we seek to find the place of handwriting in the daily life, for schoolchildren, students and in the workplace. By making handwriting visual, contemporary and creative, #Happywriting builds a strong connection between handwriting’s sensoriality and the digitization of the world, which can complement one another in the most relevant and enjoyable manner.